I hang my head in shame...

I totally did not intend to take such a long break from posting. It's been well over a week! But in all honesty I have a great excuse. Well how about several excuses?

See, first off, Baby Dear has been a great big pain lately. She's getting in a few new molars and I'd like to find out how many teeth does she really need??? Come on, isn't this enough already? She has alternately been chewing on her hands and throwing fits of rage along with the constant whining. So she needed alittle extra TLC these past 2 weeks.

My next excuse is that, in preparation for baby #2 (due Jan 28th), we were briefly considering moving. So we were spending alot of man-power in looking at houses. Then we were considering whether to rent out our current house or to sell it if we were to move. After alot of back and forth, we decided it was easiest just to stay here for a few more years, then move.

Since we decided not to move, we started thinking about the work that needs to be done on our house. Isn't it always something? Oh, the joys of home ownership. Anyway, the main thing that we have to do is completely gut and redo one of the bedrooms. Right now it is just used for storage but it needs to become Baby Dear's new room next year. So we've been going crazy thinking of plans and timelines and budgets.

Another excuse for completely disregarding my blog for so long is that last Saturday was my birthday!!! Yes, I turned the ripe old age of 28. So I thought I deserved a bit of a break. What did I do with my lovely birthday break??? See above. Oh and I've been experiencing a bit of morning sickness. And by "a bit of morning sickness," I mean that I've been feeling really ill most of the day and it has been impossible to move my body without feeling queasy. And to add to it, one of our dogs has been sick as well.

And my final excuse is that something crazy was going on with my laptop and to top it all off we were without internet service for a bit. Alright, I think I'm done rambling and complaining and excusing myself for my absence. Hopefully you can all forgive me.

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Sarah Forhan said...

Happy Birthday!!

Sorry to hear about all the problems. Sometimes it is just nice to take a break from blogging for a couple days; so that is all I figured you were doing. I am glad that you explained though I was worried about you and your pregnancy.

I completely hear you about not knowing what to do about housing. I don't think we will ever move again it is such a pain.