Did somebody say FREE?

Yes we're talking about FREE stuff over here at Tips & Treasures today. And who doesn't love freebies??? Here's a list of some of the great freebie finds that I've located recently.

1. Free sample of Dove Hair Care.

2. Free subscription to Elle Decor magazine.

3. Post-it free sample of Sight Word Notes for Kids.

4. Try new Pure Essentials from Tide, Downy & Bounce.

5. Free sample of Nabisco Garden Harvest Chips (Right now it says they are all out & to come back tomorrow for more. I was able to get them yesterday, so keep trying for this one.)

6. Free sample Clean & Clear Morning Burst.


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Daszzle said...

Thanks so much for the helpful links to free goodies! I'm a girl on a budget (aren't we all ;), and this was a really nice surprise.