Summer Fun Photos

I absolutely loooove the invention of digital cameras. They really make it so much easier to take a good picture. With older cameras you never really knew if your subject was exactly where you wanted it to be and once you took the picture you never knew if the shot was a good one or not.

Then you had to develop the entire roll of film and you sometimes ended up with lousy pics (someone making a strange face, blinking at the flash, or their entire head was cut off!) that only went to the garbage. Not so, with digital cameras. They really do make the process so much better and you don't have to pay for bad pics.

Anyway, I am by far no great photographer. But I once received a great tip on taking photos and it has worked so well for me that I thought I'd share it here. Don't just stand back, position your subject, then try to snap the perfect pic and call it done. It goes much smoother and you can come up with some fantastic shots if you take a bunch of shots all in succession. Relax and don't put too much pressure on yourself or your subjects. This works wonderfully for photographing babies and children since they will never sit still and you never know what they might do next or when they might make that super cute face.

Here's an example of a few shots of my Baby Dear that I took last month.

I feel like her personality can really show through when you look at all 4 shots. You can see her goofy silly side and that would not have been captured on film if I had just taken the first picture and stopped or if I had sat around waiting for the 1 perfect pic. Anyway, my point is that if you're using a digital camera, go ahead and snap away, take a bunch of pics in succession, and then you can always delete the ones you don't like. No money wasted.

And if you want to save alittle money too, you can try some of these coupon codes when you want to get your pics developed. I've used all of these online photo services and they all have excellent quality and timely delivery, so no worries.