Lately my favorites tab on my desktop has been taken over. I keep coming across random links to sites and I bookmark them for possible future use. Some of them are interesting and some of them are useful and some are places I might want to shop at sometime. I thought I'd share the list with you so you could check them out for yourself.

  1. Track where your money goes at Where's George.

  2. Book Crossing is where you intentionally "lose" a book and see who finds it.

  3. An excellent article about how our oceans, and possibly us, are turning to plastic.

  4. Mommy Savers is a great resource for coupon trains, coupon codes, recipes, money saving tips, frugal crafts, and mommy forums.

  5. Share your decorating conquests and vote on others' at Rate My Space. Also a nice way to get fresh ideas for your own space.

  6. Read this article where you can find out why your printer ink costs about $3,840 per gallon!!!

  7. Easily organize all of your critical information with Life.doc.

  8. Biome 5 has cute (but expensive), environmentally friendly shirts for toddlers. The site itself is pretty cute too... along with sound! (My daughter loves it!)

  9. Ever want to learn how to make adorable boutique style hair bows?

  10. At Call2Recycle you can find a drop-off recycling site for rechargeable batteries that have lost their ability to recharge. Keep these from going to landfills!

  11. If you want your child to drink water and all they want is a box drink like their friends have, then try these.

  12. These are just too cute to pass over!

  13. Want to review a movie before taking your kids to it? Kids-In-Mind is an excellent resource.

  14. Bought something on the web and it dropped in price soon afterward? Normally you would lose out on the deal, but not with Refund Please.

  15. An awesome company doing something awesome for the earth. And see how you can help!