Dream: Organization

I have always prided myself for my excellent organizational skills. I love to have a place for everything and I like for everything to be in it's place. The world just seems more at peace when my house is not in disarray.

I would loooove to say that my house is always perfectly organized. And that I never lose anything. And that there aren't piles of junk. And that I feel at peace in my house. But... I can't. And I have two excuses. Two good excuses.

  1. We have a toddler (16 months)
  2. We have baby #2 on the way (Due Jan. 28th)

Anyway, I really do try to keep things neat and orderly in our house. Most of the time I am extremely proud of how uncluttered our house is and how it's usually ready for guests without a major cleaning overhaul. But there are a few areas that could certainly use an organizational workout, such as the pile of papers on top of my dresser and the mess that I call our bedroom closet.

Ideally I would have the time, energy and willpower to tackle these spaces. But, realistically, I am the mother of a full-speed-ahead toddler and I'm in the process of growing a baby. Seriously, right now the only thing I have willpower for is to take a nap. But we'll just pretend that I am going to take charge and organize. I would looove to purchase some of the amazing products at Lillian Vernon. Want to browse along with me? Need to get organized? Find the tools you need at Lillian Vernon! Here's a quick list of some of my favorite items from there.

  1. Park-a-Purse Organizer
  2. Standard Size Tissue Box (Cleverly disguise your tissues!)
  3. Poolside Storage Bin (We don't even have a pool, but I love this anyway.)
  4. 3-Tier Corner Wire Rack
  5. Gift Wrap Organizer (I have one of these and loooove it!)
  6. Walnut-stained Wood Daily Organizer
  7. 5-Tier Stationery Caddy
  8. Desk Caddy with Photo Frame (Bye, bye pile of papers!)

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