Creating a Playroom

Anyone with kids is probably familiar with the site of toys scattered across the living room floor and the familiar crunch when you step on them. It just comes with the territory, right?

I mean kids need toys to play and learn about how the world works. And kids have short attention spans, so they tend to play with a toy for 1.6 minutes and then they are on to the next one. Before too long this leads to all kinds of toys thrown everywhere in a big mess. Fun, right?

Not really. That's why it's important to establish a toy territory. Kids need a place to play and spread out their toys. And we need the toys to be contained in some way, shape or form. Most of you would probably prefer to walk across the living room without fear of smashing your foot on some toy on a daily basis.

What you need is a playroom, or at the very least a toy section of the family room or bedroom. There are several factors to consider when creating a playroom:

  • Designated toy space
  • Containers to hold and/or separate toys
  • Age
  • Child-proofing & safety issues
  • Kid-friendly design & accessibility
  • Cost

Considering each of these 6 factors, you can create any type of playroom with any type of budget. Check back soon for an updated post (with pics too!) of the playroom that we created for Baby Dear at almost no cost. And see why a playroom is always a work in progress.