Finding Humor

One of the ways that I somehow manage to hold onto my sanity, is to find the humor in life. Really, life is so much easier and happier when you can find things to laugh at on a daily basis.

Certainly this is made easier for me since I happened to marry a wiseguy who is constantly cracking jokes. It's one of the main reasons I married him, I swear it. It is absolutely wonderful to have someone who can lighten your heart with a few funny words. It's great entertainment as well.

Anyway, whether you have someone like that in your life or not, try to find something to laugh at every single day. It makes you smile (try laughing without smiling), it eases tension and stress, it exercises your stomach muscles, improves your mood & outlook, and it makes you happy. What could be better than that?

Here's where I found humor one day last summer....

It's a bunch of fenced-in overgrown weeds along a road in good old Southern NJ. Notice the sign? Here's a close-up.

Ha! Don't think I'd want to use restrooms anywhere near that place anyway! I think they clearly made their point.

Oh and this isn't some phony pic passed around the internet or anything. This is an actual place, with this actual sign, actually in NJ. I actually took the pic last summer while driving back from the Jersey shore with my mom. And we couldn't stop laughing.

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Funny Guy said...

Looks like the bathroom at work.