Coupons for Diapers

I know I'm always raving about my love affair with Diapers.com. But they really do have the best deals around. And not just on diapers. They also sell formula, wipes, pacifiers and a hundred other baby care items.

Anyway it's the same deal as always that they offer the best prices around and even give you a little chart with the price per diaper for each brand and size. So they really make it easy to compare prices.

And you can make the deal even sweeter by using coupon code: NOWSAVE5 for $5.00 off your first order with them! You can also send in your own manufacturers coupons and they will be applied as well. They also offer free shipping on all orders over $50.

Oh and you can't forget the FREE 1 year subscription to Parenting Magazine with all orders over $15. If you already get this magazine, they will extend your subscription for 1 year for free. You will never be billed for it!