Buy & Sell Handmade Items

I looove doing crafts but never have any time for them these days. With Baby Dear (now 15 months) running around the house like crazy these days, I hardly have time to pick up after her, let alone do anything for myself like showering or crafting.

When I do have time, I like to participate in local craft shows with my mom and sell some of our items. Right now it's downtime for craft shows around here and they will pick back up as it gets closer to the fall. So, what are we craft sellers and buyers to do in the mean time?

Have you heard of Etsy? They have an awesome site where you can buy and sell all handmade items. It's kind of like ebay, only everything must be handmade. Oh and you don't have to waste time bidding on items, you simply place your order.

There are some really excellent crafts listed there. You can find everything from paintings, jewelry and stuffed animals, to candles, purses and wedding invitations. And everything else in between. It's really a neat site to browse through and sure enough something will catch your eye and you'll decide you certainly can not live without it.

If you're into crafting yourself, then you may be interested in creating your very own FREE shop as well. You simply pay a 20 cent listing fee for each item and a 3.5% fee when your items sell. Not bad. For each item you list, you get to post up to 5 pictures for free as well. This makes it easier to showcase your crafts and provide detailed images. Another bonus? Your listings stay posted for 4 months! For more information on selling on Etsy, click here. I haven't had the chance to open my own Etsy store, but if you want to check a few out, look here, here, and here for great examples.

Tips & Treasures Hint: This is an excellent place to shop for one-of-a-kind gifts and gifts for people that are hard to buy for. And you can be assured of the quality that you are buying because crafters pour their hearts and souls into their work. It's just something that happens when they're doing what they love.


pamela said...

yes! support independent artists like me! listing fees are low and theres a ton to choose from.
here's a link to my etsy shop
thx for looking! :)

Blessed said...

hi, i love making handmade items too and i'm just starting out. Please check out my site


i would really appreciate if you could link my site to yours!

thank you!,