Magazine Deals or Duds?

Saturday night I was spending an ever-so-exciting evening catching up on the mountain of magazines that were starting to take over my magazine rack. They pile up sooo quickly while I'm chasing after Baby Dear all day. And of course they pile up even quicker now that I'm getting my free Parenting magazine subscription from purchasing diapers at 1800diapers.com. (By the way, that deal is still available!!!)

As I forged through the 3rd magazine of the night, Reader's Digest, I realized that my subscription was ending. I opened up the envelope that was attached and got a good laugh at the supposed "deal" that they were so generously offering me to renew my subscription. It was a 1-year renewal rate of $13.98. I was sure that my detective work could find a better deal than that one.

I did a quick search for Reader's Digest at Magazines.com and found a coupon for $5 OFF a Large Selection of Magazines. Great coupon... but wrong price. The cost for a 1-year subscription was $24.99! This coupon works out for a great price for several other magazines, but apparently not this one.

Then I did another quick search at MagsForLess - Over 1500 Magazines at the lowest prices! They claim to have the cheapest magazine subscriptions on the net, so I put them to the Kookaburra Test. And they passed with flying colors! I found a 1-year Reader's Digest subscription for only $6.85!!! Awesome deal.

So check out both sites and compare the prices on magazines before you commit to a "deal" that isn't really a deal.