Free Samples

Like free samples? You know, ACTUAL free samples? Not those scams that make you sign up for all kinds of "deals" before you even get anything.

Check out Walmart.com for free samples. All you have to do is fill out your name and address and answer about 2-3 questions about the product. I sware it's that easy and that quick. And you REALLY get the samples, mailed straight to your door. I've gotten all kinds of things from them including deodorant, shampoo, fabric softener, detergent, snacks, and dog food & treats.

Right now a few that they are offering are: John Frieda Hair Care, Always Clean, Tampax Pearl, Kotex, Cheer Free & Gentle, Iams and Ban Invisible Solid.

To take advantage of these free samples, click here: Find great deals at Walmart.com Next, in the upper right hand corner, put your cursor on In Stores Now. From the drop down menu select Free Samples. And there they are! Enjoy!

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Sarah Forhan said...

I have always had really good luck with getting my free samples from Walmart!