Earn money with ebay!

Do you have boxes of old clothes just taking up space? Old toys that your kids have long since grown out of? Too many cd's and dvd's that are never used? Any other stuff laying around that you really don't need?

Take control of your clutter, minimize all that stuff in storage, and maximize your profits. Clear out anything that you haven't used in 6 months and probably won't use in the future. Then make yourself some money by selling your items on eBay!

Tomorrow, May 24th, ebay is offering a sale on their insertion fee for auction-style listings. These fees normally range from $0.20 on up, depending on the item's starting price. But tomorrow the fee will be $0.20, no matter what your starting price is!

A few tips for selling on ebay:
  • Take a picture (or several, if necessary)
  • Describe your item well
  • Be honest
  • Price high enough to make a profit, but low enough to attract bidders
  • Charge fairly for shipping
  • Answer questions about your items promptly
  • Ship quickly
  • Accept payments through PayPal

Ebay is really a great option for selling your stuff. Yardsales can be good too but sometimes people just don't have the space, time, energy, or desire to run a yardsale. Besides that, you will reach a much broader customer basis and you will fetch more for your items online.

Good luck and hopefully you can clear out some of that stuff you've been holding onto!