I'm Taking Sarah's lead with this one as she wrote of her confessions today. Ughhh I absolutely can't even believe this happened. Ok... here is my confession. I have no idea how my daughter (almost 14 months) retrieved our phone without me knowing and promptly used it to call 911.

Seriously I have no idea how this happened. We always keep the phones up and out of the way of her curious little paws. I was in the room playing with her and went out of the room for a minute to put her juice cup away. Came back and saw she had the phone. Took it from her, hung it up, and went back to playing. Two minutes later a cop is flying down the street and at our doorstep.

Anyway I have no clue where the phone was and how she was able to reach it. Last I saw of it was on a high table in the other room. Hmmm.... well anyway that's my confession and I'm sure to win the Mom of the Year Award now, right?

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Sarah said...

Oh my god how could I miss this post! I had a similar thing happen when my children were really young. Maddy was an infant sleeping in her crib Jon was not yet two and he was watching cartoons on the couch. I used my moment of freedom to I run down our driveway (about 100ft) to grab the mail. I came back in to find Jon hanging up the phone. Minutes later cops are at our door. The dispatcher said she heard screaming in the background on the phone....it turns out it was the Rugrats on tv. It was so embarrassing after that I made my husband get the mail when he came home from work!