Yard Sale Season

I love this time of year when the weather starts to warm up (very slowly right now). The birds can be heard chirping outside. The flowers are blooming. The grass is growing. The sun is shining brightly. It's nice enough to take Baby Dear to the park. And it's also absolutely perfect weather for going to yard sales!

I looove yard sales for 6 simple reasons.
  1. The stuff is super cheap and often in great condition.

  2. Reusing someone else's things is a great way to help the environment.

  3. Often you can find things that you don't see in stores everyday.

  4. It's a relaxing way to shop.

  5. It's a great way to spend some time outdoors.

  6. It is sooo thrilling to find so many great items at such great prices!

This past Saturday I went to a bunch of yard sales with my mom. I insisted that she drive because she has an SUV and we could fit all kinds of stuff in there. And thankfully that's exactly what we did because we came home with tons of great items!

My biggest score was something that I was definitely looking for. It's a children's swing & slide climber for the backyard. Very similar to this one here. I wanted some sort of climber or swing or slide for Baby Dear but I certainly didn't wanna pay full price. There's one in Kmart's ad this week on sale for $99, regularly $120. Even the sale price was too much to pay. Why? Because those things really don't get used for that long. And because I knew that I could find one for much less at a yard sale. And my motto is... Why pay more if you don't have to?

Anyway, I ended up with the climber, a sandbox, a plastic bat, and several sand toys for a total of $26! Not bad at all. Oh and we got loads of other great stuffs (kid's books & movies, toys, decorations, baby clothes, a wooden shoe rack, etc.) at other yard sales. But my favorite and Baby Dear's favorite was definitely the climber! Here's proof:


jeneflower said...

I LOVE yard sales too. There are always great deals. I got a pack n play in perfect condition for $10! But sadly, my husband doesn't like them because growing up his parents would go to them every Sat. and he has connected it in his mind to a sign of poverty.

sstarfox2 said...

Thank you for spreading the word about yard sales. My dad holds a couple each year. It's nice to know that he's not wasting his time and that people are looking to get the kinds of deals he tries to give.
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Sarah Forhan said...

My children had the same outdoor climber/swing. I traded it with a friend for an aluminum swingset her older daughter had outgrown. But it was great when the were babies!!

I was sick last weekend so I couldn't go yardsaling but as long as the weather works for me this weekend I will be out there.

Love yard sales!!