Reuse, Part III... Crafty Edition

Reducing waste. That's the goal in mind. A great way to reduce excess waste that's going to sit in landfills for countless years, is to look for things that you can reuse or re-purpose. This saves loads of money by reducing the amount of things that you need to purchase and also saves our environment.

Previously I've shared a few of the ways that I do this.... here and here. Another item that we have tons of in our house are the containers that baby formula come in. Originally I was breastfeeding Baby Dear and we didn't have this issue. But unfortunately my milk mysteriously dried up when she was about 6 months old.

Sooo anyway there we were, using formula and throwing away all of those darn containers. One day I realized how much waste this was creating and decided to clean them out and keep them. Right now there are many, many, many of them piled in my basement. I knew one day I would totally think of some great idea to use them for.

Well that day came when I was preparing for Baby Dear's 1st birthday party. I needed something to hold the plastic utensils in. Ah ha! The cans would be the perfect size! So I got crafty and decorated the cans and made them all pretty. They worked perfectly and as an added bonus they helped to decorate the table a little more!

I made two of them. Here are the finished products...

Decorated containers were easily created using:

baby formula containers
scrapbook paper
leftover scraps of cardstock
buttons (from old clothes)
tissue paper

These decorated containers are also great for giving small gifts, such as jewelry, gift cards, etc.

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Sarah said...

Those are so cute! My family goes through at least one Ovaltine container a week. I always want to do a craft with them but I never know what. Very creative I might just make this craft. My little girl's birthday is just around the corner also!