Recycling Revamp

A single soda can thrown into the garbage will sit in a landfill for 80-100 years before it decomposes.

That's one shocking fact that should jump start anyone's recycling habits into full gear.

Every week we faithfully recycle our cans and bottles. We also try to reuse many things around the house so that they are not thrown out and sitting uselessly in a dump for years to come. We even take steps to reduce the amount of paper waste that we create by simply using less. We do this because we know it's important to our environment.

Even with the effort that we put forth to reduce waste and to recycle more, I was stunned to realize the number of things that we are throwing into the garbage, which could have been recycled instead. This realization came as I was reading our town's newsletter. This newsletter contained a list of the many, many items that you can recycle. Now, this list was not a surprise to me, more of a wake up call to the many things I was just throwing away without another thought. I'm not really sure why it never occurred to me to recycle these items. Laziness? Maybe. Thoughtlessness? Probably.

Besides the environmental impact of not recycling, it is also costing my town more money. Why? Their cost for disposal of recycled materials is a big fat $0. For garbage it is currently $74.69 per ton for it's disposal! By recycling I am saving the town money. By saving the town money, I am ultimately saving on my property tax bill!

Anyway, the point is that I am pledging to start recycling much more than we do already. Here's a list of the items that we will now start recycling:

cardboard egg cartons
juice boxes
unsoiled pizza boxes (if those exist with all the damn grease they usually have)
cereal boxes
milk cartons
telephone books
food boxes
tissue boxes
paper towel & toilet paper rolls

What about you? Are you doing all that you can to recycle around the house? Do you recycle when you are out? Do you think you can join me on my pledge to recycle more?