Great Deal on Batteries

If you are a parent, then you most certainly own stock in batteries, right? Sure seems like a good idea to me anyway.

Sooo many toys these days require several AA or AAA batteries. And of course those batteries need to be replaced often if the toy is a favorite of your child's. Batteries can be quite pricey if you need to buy them pretty often. Of course I always try to look for a coupon to combine with a good sale so that we don't break the bank quite so much.

But, not too far back I discovered Batteries.com. This online retailer offers all kinds of batteries at a fraction of the cost. Yay! Oh and they work pretty darn well too. I thought they would be kinda crappy, but I tried them out anyway. The deal was just too good to pass up... even way better than buying them at the dollar store! So anyway, the batteries worked great and lasted for a decent amount of time. Definitely a great deal in my book!

I just put in my second order with them and got an even better deal than before! Yay!!! Right now, use coupon code APRSHO to take 15% off your entire order and get a free 12 pack of alkaline batteries (8 AA & 4 AAA) with a minimum order of $9.99! Best deal: go for this great deal on 50 alkaline batteries for only $10.65. Shipping is $2.49... not bad at all. So with the coupon code you will get 62 batteries for a grand total of $11.54!

I challenge you to find a better deal than that!

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Sarah said...

That is a great deal. The kid stuff I ship on Ebay I like to include batteries with the item. This sounds great!