Traded a shoe for a Weemobile

For those of you who are out of the toy loop, a Weemobile is one of the many Playskool Weebles toys for infants and toddlers. Anyway... how and why would I trade a shoe for a Weemobile?

Well this weekend was a total Spring tease. And I loooove this weather. I totally had cabin fever and a touch of spring fever and I thought that a nice day out in the fresh air was certainly what the doc would order. So out to the Columbus Farmer's Market we went. This mart is alittle bit of a drive for us but it is certainly worth it for the bargains you can find. They have tons of venders selling new, used, and hand crafted items, as well as a variety of produce and plants. You can also find all kinds of ethnic & traditional food cooked fresh.

During the warmer weather months, my favorite thing to do is to relax on the beach. My next two favorite things to do are going to yard sales and fleamarkets. You can find absolutely everything there. And pretty much most of the time you can get them cheaper than you could in stores. Another plus to shopping this way is that when you buy used items, you are saving and reusing things that might have otherwise ended up in a landfill. Yay for saving the planet!

So yesterday there we were at this farmer's market and enjoying the beautiful weather. We bought a few new items that we needed and found several toys in excellent used condition for Baby Dear. She especially loved playing with the pretend cell phone that we got her. I mean it lights up and everything! How cool is that? And the price? 50 cents. 50 cents to entertain my fussy and teething daughter for hours on end. Priceless in my eyes.

Our other bargains included a Mattel See & Say Baby toy for $2.00 and a shape sorter for $1.00. And of course the Weebles Weemobile for $3.00. Baby Dear absolutely loves this one as well. Another priceless item in my eyes. The Hasbro site lists it at $12.99 with 1 Weeble included. Our's came with 3! Yay!

Now another advantage of shopping at yardsales and fleamarkets is that many times prices are not set in stone. Often I feel that the seller bases the price on how much you look willing to pay for the item. So for this reason, I never dress up a whole lot and try not to look over eager about the items I wish to purchase.

I know many people will even ask the seller if they can give a better price for the items. I think this is fine to do and I know many, many people (probably most) will do this. And many times the seller will give you a reduced price. But.... I never do this. If the price is fair and I want it, I buy it. If not, then I move on. I just don't like haggling with people. And I know they are trying to earn an income and I'm sure there are plenty of sellers that get annoyed with haggling. I know how this can get from the many yardsales my extended family has had. So I don't bother, but like I said before, I know many people do this and if it works for you, then great!

Anyway back to the shoe trading part. Baby Dear was lucky enough to come home with several new toys to play with, but was unlucky enough to lose one of her new shoes! Or atleast it was my bad luck for her to lose a shoe. I don't think she cares that much. Luckily though, I got those shoes super cheap here. So anyway now the child only has 1 pair of shoes that she is quickly growing out of. Task for the week: find shoes for Baby Dear without paying an arm and a leg. I'll let you know how that goes.