Pajama Shopping

Since we finally tackled the shoe shopping, I had to move on to pajama shopping for Baby Dear. We had loads of pj's for her for 6-9 months. We had gotten several at yard sales last summer and then we received several more as gifts.

She was still fitting into the 6-9 month ones until about a month ago, when she was 11 months old. It was like overnight that she must have grown atleast an inch and didn't fit into any of her pj's anymore. And we were completely unprepared with only a few pairs of 12 month pj's for her.

We have been searching several stores looking for 12 and 18 month pj's and have been coming up with barely anything. My most favorite store in the entire universe... Target, has a very disappointing selection when it comes to pajamas for little girls. They have a huge amount for newborns up through 9 months. Then there is nothing. Nada. They had approximately 3 pairs of 4T and 5T pj's pitifully hanging from a rack. Nothing for 12-18 months. Nothing even close. Why is that? Who knows. But I am hurt that my beloved store let me down when I needed them most.

Anyway on to my second fav store... Kohl's. They had a huge assortment of pj's! In every color and style and size. And they were even on sale! But the sale totally sucked. They knocked off a few bucks, barely anything, and called it a sale. I was disappointed once again. I bought 1 pair just because Baby Dear needed them so bad, but really, I had to push myself to even do that. I just hate to pay more for things, when I know I can get them much cheaper somewhere else or at another time.

We also looked at Old Navy's selection even though I know they don't carry much of anything for babies & toddlers. They had a few pj's... none that cute or anything... and they were $12.50 on sale... more than I wanted to spend once again. Am I crazy or what but I can't see spending that much on something she's only gonna wear to bed and only gonna be used for a few months.

This is the first time that I've been faced with this dilemma of needing clothes for Baby Dear and not having them. So far, we've been shopping the season and size ahead of what she's currently been in, so that we are always prepared and stocked up. That allows us to shop the end of season clearance sales and save a ton of money. And it allows us to not go frantic looking for clothing at the last moment.

Moral of the story... stock up, stock up, stock up. It saves you sooo much time. It saves you sooo much money. And it saves you sanity. And that's priceless.