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As a stay at home mom, I am often looking for ways to earn just alittle bit of extra money. So far I have found several ways to do this... having yardsales, selling on eBay and blujay, making crafts and selling them at craft shows.

One other way that I have found to earn alittle money is by doing online surveys. Many survey companies will pay cash or will offer points towards gifts & store gift cards in exchange for you completing their online surveys. Surveys can be quick... 5 mins or less, and they can be painfully long... over an hour.

Now I urge you to be careful in selecting the companies that you do surveys for. Some of them are complete scams and you will never get a dime outta them. Others make you pay up front to get the survey, then say they will pay you when you complete it. And then there are others that will ask you to complete "offers" along with the survey in order to be paid. Those will end up costing you more money than it's worth. Then, of course are the ones that will simply overload your inbox with spam. I would stay away from all of these. I have no personal experience with these, they just all sounded too risky for my taste.

For the past five years I have been doing surveys for Harris Poll Online. They send out a few surveys each month and reward you with points. You can turn around and redeem your points for many different gifts & gift cards. Now, it takes alittle while to rack up enough points to cash them in, but the way I see it is that it's still free stuff. And who doesn't love free stuff? I always use my points towards $5.00 gift cards to Target and Applebees.

With Harris Poll Online, their surveys are never real long, so you don't have to worry about wasting a big chunk of your time. Another positive with them is that they don't clog up your inbox with all kinds of junk. They send out a few surveys here and there and that's it. Nothing else. And they don't sell your info to anyone either.

Another online survey company that I do surveys for is ZoomPanel. This one works the same way as the last one with the points. Their points can be redeemed for gifts similar to Harris Poll as well, except they don't currently offer gift cards.

ZoomPanel sends out about one survey per day, sometimes more... so you can obtain points much quicker. But it can be overwhelming because their surveys also tend to be much longer. They seem to ask the same questions in several different ways and it can get really annoying. So sometimes, I skip some of the surveys if I'm too busy or I just don't feel like dealing with them. But hey, it's still working towards free stuff.

And lastly, there's American Consumer Opinion. This one rewards you with money. Money, money, money, real money. No scams. I've gotten several checks from them for surveys that I've completed from them. Of course the checks aren't for huge amounts... a few dollars here and there, but once again, it's free! Surveys for this company aren't sent out very often, so they don't take much of your time at all.

So those are the three survey companies that I'm a member of right now. I just wanted to share this with you incase you were interested in a way to make money online. Do you know of any other real and legitimate survey companies that are offering good rewards?

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