Freebies & More

In the past I have shown you a few good places to get freebies... here, here, and here. They are all still great places to find free samples, but recently I have found a really great site for even more freebies. This is DealsPlus. This site finds great deals and freebies daily and organizes them for us into a great big list. When you visit their site, just look to the right sidebar and click on where it says freebies/offers.

There are tons and tons of offers to page through and the freebies are sort of all mixed in. At first I was annoyed that I had to weed through so many pages to find the actual freebies, but then I realized that it was a great help to see all of the other offers as well. They alerted me to sales going on at several of my favorite stores. I might have missed those deals otherwise.

Anyway, DealsPlus has all kinds of offers and freebies both in store and online. They are a great resource to bookmark for future use.

As for the freebies, some of the current ones are a free Dove deodorant sample, a free 10 minute call with Skype, free Hamburger Helper Microwave Singles, free Elmo ID luggage tag, free hot chocolate sample, free DealsPlus mirror/frame, and free Crayola Dry Erase Markers.

Right now some of the deals they have found are $5 off $15 purchase at CVS, 10% off at Target, 30% off at Foot Locker, 10% off at Office Depot, coupons for Quiznos, and free shipping and 15% off at Oriental Trading.

Make sure you check them out for those deals & freebies and alot more. There are many pages of them to go through, but it's certainly worth it. And check back often because the site is updated daily.