Clutter Phobia

One of my all time fears is letting clutter control my life. I love to look around my non-cluttered home and find peace knowing that it is a much more relaxing place to be. I breathe easily knowing that the clutter monsters are locked up and the key has been thrown away.

It hasn't always been like this though. Back when I was a child, I had a very cluttered bedroom with piles upon piles of stuff everywhere you looked. It was mostly just junk that I didn't even need anymore. But for some reason it still hung around. I guess I was just never motivated enough to clean it up, sort it out, and get rid of it.

Then one day I decided I wanted my room to look like DJ's room from the show Full House. It was always so nice and clean (yea because it was a set, duh!) and clutter-free. Anyway, I grabbed several trash bags and started throwing out everything that I absolutely didn't need. I remember that I wouldn't let my mom look in the trash bags because I knew she wouldn't want me throwing alot of it out. Ha!... now that's the way to clean!

Ever since then I have had a major clutter phobia. I can't stand to see piles of junk everywhere. I can't stand to see things not in their proper place. I can't stand chaos and disorganization.

This has lead me to keep my house mostly neat and organized and that is a really great thing. It is a much more relaxing way to live when everything is tidied up and you don't have it in the back of your mind that your house is a mess. You don't have to go crazy cleaning when you're having visitors to your house, especially important for the unexpected visitors. I was actually very surprised by how good it felt to have a nice clutter-free home when I recently had a few unexpected visitors to my house. I was even complimented on how clean my house was! Yay!

But.... having clutter phobia has it downsides as well. Yea really, it does. Sometimes, especially with a child, it can be extremely difficult to always be clutter-free. Occasionally mail or laundry or something will pile up and it drives me completely insane. It actually gives me a headache to see all the clutter that can accumulate so easily and quickly. It even gets so that I can't concentrate on anything because I am so distracted by the mess. Clutter just makes me want to stop the world so I can run around and make everything alright again.

In some of my future posts, I will share with you some of the ways that I manage to keep the clutter monsters locked up. Here is my first tip: When you are finished using something, put it away. Right away. And put it where it belongs, not just in a pile somewhere. This may seem like an easy and obvious thing, but seriously this is the root of all your clutter problems and the basic key to getting it under control.


Damsel said...

I completely identify! See here: http://damselandfamily.blogspot.com/2007/02/10-weird-things-about-me.html

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain - as a college student I am able to keep my apartment pretty clutter free (except for the roommate's stuff - which drives me crazy). However, when I come home, there is so much clutter and I just feel powerless to fix it all. Having severe dust allergies makes the situation even worse and the growing ocd just keeps me in an anxious state.