4 Times the Fun

The past two weeks have been alittle crazy around here and I've hardly gotten to search out the good sales & coupon codes going on. I promise I'm getting back into it and will surely have some great finds for you soon enough.

What have I been doing? Well it appears as though Baby Dear was not quite happy with only having 2 teeth and decided that she would like a whole mouth full before her first birthday in a few weeks. Waaaay back in November, Baby Dear got her first tooth on the 11th with the second tooth following on the 27th. Then there was nothing. No new teeth for 3 months. Until... February 21st came tooth #3, the 22nd was tooth #4, and March 1st for tooth #5! Oh and there's another one starting to poke through those gums. Four, count them... 1, 2, 3...4 new teeth in 2 short weeks.

Baby Dear hasn't been too terrible dealing with all these new pearly whites. Really, she's been pretty good through it all. Still sleeping and napping very well. Still eating whatever food she can get ahold of. And still being as charming as ever to everyone, except hubby and I. She has been more cranky and fussy than usual though. Especially in the car... she MUST be listening to Barney or her whole world might come crashing down around her.

Besides Baby Dear's 4 new chompers keeping me from posting, I've also been busy getting her party plans made, birthday party invitations sent out, and decorations, etc. bought. Oh and I've been shopping for and attending two other birthday parties. Busy, busy, busy.

Anyway, when I'm stressing about Baby Dear being cranky, loads of stuff to get done, and several events going on, I like to take time to relax and remind myself to have fun. Next time you're feeling this way, check this out. It's guaranteed to make you laugh... or atleast make you smile!