1 Year Reflections

Baby Dear... my precious, little baby... is turning 1 year old today. She is leaving infancy behind and moving into toddler territory. This past year has gone by insanely fast. I sware it was just yesterday that she was born. It can't possibly be an enitre year later.

Yet it is. And Baby Dear has grown and developed and changed and has learned so many things in the past year. She has slowly (yet somehow quickly) transformed from that pink little bundle, that screamed oh so much, into a little girl, who doesn't scream quite as much.

Through the past year we've done so much and had so much fun with Baby Dear.

We laughed.
We cried.

Then we cried some more.

She enjoys playing in the fridge. She loooves pressing buttons on the TV, laptop, phone, and remote. She loves to "read" books & magazines. She pages through piles of them for long stretches of time... quietly analyzing each picture. She also loves to have books read to her.

Baby Dear isn't walking yet, but she crawls super fast. She loves to chase the dogs around the house. She occasionally cruises along the furniture, but not so much.

The baby swing at the park is one of her new favorite places to be. She puts on her scared face for only a moment, until she realizes how much fun it really is. Then she giggles. Oh, the sweet sound of her giggles... it's contagious. And it's adorably cute.

What an amazing year it's been!

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Agnes said...

WOW!!! She is beautiful. Does she look like her mom or her dad?