Stock Up & Save

One of the things that I really hate is to run out of something. Like being in the shower and realizing you don't have any shampoo. Or pouring yourself a bowl of cereal only to discover there isn't any milk. Or running out of tissues and having to use toilet paper. Or the other way around. I'm sure we've all been there and cursed ourselves for forgetting once again to replace whatever was running low.

When we moved into our new house shortly over a year ago, I started to take full advantage of the spacious shelving in our basement. I started to stockpile. I stocked up on all kinds of things... groceries, toiletries, diapers, and household items. I never wanted to run out of anything. It has almost become an obsession. Almost.

Stockpiling has saved us tons of time and aggravation. It is sooo much easier to walk down to the basement and do some "shopping" for the things that I need, than it is to rush out to various stores and hunt down the items. Certainly, it has also saved us tons of money as well. By always purchasing things on sale, you don't have to worry about running out of something and being forced to pay full price because you need it. Whenever we are shopping and I spot a really good sale, I buy what I need plus a few extra. This works even better and makes me happy enough to do a dance, if I also have coupons for the items. Yea, it's sad that I get excited over this stuff, but I really do love to save money. I always try to remember that every penny we save can be used towards something else we enjoy.

Like I said before, we keep our stockpile in the basement where we have plenty of shelving space. Some people get really creative when space is an issue and resort to finding all kinds of places to keep their stockpile, such as in closets and under beds. Only things under my bed are dust bunnies and our two dogs... or two dogs that somewhat resemble dust bunnies.

Whenever we buy new stockpile items, I pull the older stuff towards the front and place the newer things in the back. This keeps the stockpile rotated, so that we don't let things expire. Obviously, that would totally defeat the purpose of the whole thing. So you have to be somewhat organized about it. I've heard of people labeling their items with the date that it was bought so that they can be even more organized, but that's way too much work for me.

Oh, and don't try to beef up your stockpile all at once, especially if you are on a strict budget. Simply buy a few things here and there when you spot a really good sale. Soon enough you will find yourself with a pretty decent sized stockpile. You'll find yourself saving time, money and the experience of blowing your nose on toilet paper.

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Sarah Forhan said...

LOL...been there no toilet paper so using tissues.

Stockpile looks great. You are so right about not doing it all at once. The point of stockpiling is to stock up when things are on sale. So eventually you have enough on hand you only have to buy when things are on sale.

.....Dogs that resemble dust bunnies! :) Love the blog!