Share The Love

Valentine's Day. A day to honor those special people that your heart beats for. A day to celebrate the love that warms you up inside. A day, set aside, to remind us that we are lucky to have loved ones near and dear to us. This is what Valentine's Day is for me.

I've never been all crazy and frenzied over Valentine's Day like I know some people are. On Valentine's Day hubby and I don't go out to dinner. We don't get extravagant gifts for each other. We don't go crazy trying to make it the perfect day.

We do acknowledge our love for each other, but heck we do that everyday. But, isn't that really the point? To express our love and let each other know that we are always there to support one another? And if we celebrate our love all year long, do we really need this one day to tell us that? Not really.

Don't go thinking I'm the scrooge of Valentine's Day, I just prefer to celebrate the day quietly... without the hour wait for a table in a restaurant and the $50 dozen roses. I spent the day home with Baby Dear who was appropriately dressed in her Valentine's shirt. Besides that she was clueless to the celebration. We were without power for several hours and the house got nice and crisp. Yea nice and crisp. More like we were freezing and about to seek out warmer shelter, when the power finally came back on. Gotta love that freezing rain & snow!

Anyway, I did get pretty flowers from hubby the other day as a combo Groundhog's Day & Valentine's Day gift... that's a whole other story there. lol And I gave him a card... and not just any old card... it was a singing card. No, no, I did not sing to him. That's certainly not a gift for someone you love... or someone that has ears. It was one of those musical cards that had the perfect wording & a song to express exactly how I feel. Don't ya just love when you find the perfect card?

SO.... all this brings me to my point. It doesn't matter how you show your love and it doesn't matter when you show your love. Just show it. And share it. The world will be a much happier place.