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One of the toughest jobs out there is being a parent. I'm constantly reminded of this as a stay at home mom. You don't get breaks, days off, vacations, and you're constantly working a 24-hour shift. It may be difficult, but it surely is the most exciting job you can find.

Since this parenting gig is so tough, I'm always trying to find ways to make life easier for us. I love to find little daily shortcuts that cut down on work to be done and on the time it takes to get things done. I also look for products that will offer convenience in our daily lives. All of this is important to me just so I can stay in the game. It's like constantly trying to stay one step ahead so you're ready and prepared for what's coming next. An of course with children, there's no telling what might come next.

Staying one step ahead is made easier with products from a company called One Step Ahead. Isn't that perfect? Really, I feel like this company is reaching out to me to offer me exactly what I need. They offer so many of my favorite convenience, travel solution, and baby proofing products. I have ordered from them several times and have many more things on my wish list. Here are a few of the items that I have purchased and have made my life easier:

Ok, this one has to be my favorite. It is called the Tiny Diner. It's a portable placemat for your little one that you can use at restaurants. It has strong suction cups on the bottom so it sticks right to any table. It has a nifty little spill catcher that catches all those little pieces of food and crumbs before they end up on laps and floors. Your child will always have a clean place to eat and what I really love about it is that it rolls right up and can fit into your purse or diaper bag. How convenient is that! We just used this last night when we took our daughter to Friendly's. It worked perfectly and not one little piece of food was on the floor after our meal! Now that's a miracle!

The Snack-Trap is perfect for little hands... especially little hands that like to dump out an entire container of Cheerios. This little cup has a "trap" has a soft lid that has slits in it. Your little one can reach in to grab a few snacks without spilling the entire contents. Very cute and is definately a must-have for trips in the car or out shopping. We just got this one for our trip to Georgia that's coming up. Hopefully we can make it there and back without a floor full of Cheerios.

A great invention to child proof those dangerous mini blind cords is the Blind Winder. This little gadget installs pretty quickly and winds up loose cords just like a tape measure would. Blinds can still be used and can be pulled up and down very easily. We have mini blinds in Baby Dear's room and we got these as a Christmas gift from my parents for her room.

One of the items that's on my wish list for One Step Ahead is the Power Strip Safety Cover. We use several power strips in our house and this would really ease my worries about Baby Dear trying to play with them. This goes right over your existing power strip and snaps on so it can't be pulled off. It keeps all of your cords from being pulled out of the power strip and it has covers for any of the outlets on it that aren't being used. Even if you don't have little ones with curious fingers, this Power Strip Cover really does straighten out that mess of wires and makes your power strip look neater.

After you've found ways to make life easier, take time to find ways to make it more fun. This is how we have fun with Baby Dear. We got this Play 'n Ride Car Deluxe as an early birthday gift for her. And we love it. It's a car that grows with the child... making it perfect for ages 12-36 months. It adapts in four different ways for all kinds of fun. Baby Dear loooves to be pushed all around the house on it. It does require extra shipping since it is such a large item, but to help ease the cost, use this link to Save 15% at One Step Ahead on $75+ orders.

And with so many great items from One Step Ahead, it should be pretty easy to get your order up to $75. Really, browse around their Travel Solutions section. They have tons of products to fit every need and many of them are not found in stores. Oh, and they do have Gift Certificates and a Gift Registry if you need either of those. So go shop, browse, check out their products, try and make your life alittle easier, and stay one step ahead.

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Jen3 @ Amazing Trips said...

You know what else is great ... disposable placemats. I prefer those when we eat out, because I can just peel them off the table and throw them out, no mess to wipe off and bring home to clean later!!

At 27-months, our triplets have mastered the snacktrap lid, so we no longer use though ...

Here's a link for stuff that works for us (when eating out):