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Wayyy back in August of 2005 I found out that I was pregnant with my daughter. I knew nothing about pregnancy and newborn babies. I was never scared or even nervous though. It all just felt right and I had the wonderful support of my hubby and family.

Shortly after that, I started signing up with several different pregnancy websites, online newsletters, and magazines. Two of the good ones were AmericanBaby.com and BabyCenter.com.

It was a whole new world to me, as I was the first among my friends and siblings to have a child. It was like I was invited into this new club, just for pregnant women. I felt connected. And I learned alot. The first thing I found out was that when you are pregnant you get an amazing amount of mail... email and snail mail. It took some work sorting through all the junk, but I found many worthwhile things. I got several free magazine subscriptions, many, many coupons for all kinds of baby items, several free cans of formula, two free diaper bags, and online newsletters with loads of important information about pregnancy.

While I was pregnant, those online newsletters were my guide. Sure, I read a few books as well, but the newsletters guided me, week by week, about what was going on with my baby and my body. They were invaluable to me.

Soon after Baby Dear was born, I discovered another invaluable resource to me. It was ClubMom.com. ClubMom is exactly what it says it is... a club for mommies or soon-to-be mommies. They offer a place for you to connect and relate to other moms. They have a message board, a question & answer section, an online scrapbook where you can contribute your own photos, contests to win gift cards, polls to participate in, and if you shop through merchants on their site, you can earn points for goodies!

But, my most favorite part of Clubmom is the MomBlogs section. I loooove reading about other moms, relating to them, sharing ideas, helping each other out, and learning sooo much from them. They have so many great blogs on a whole variety of topics, but these are definitely my favorite ones that I MUST read each and every day... sometimes several times a day:

Diary of a Playgroup Dropout
Mommy, Are the Toys on Sale?
Purple Is a Fruit
The Naked Ledger

Check them out if you're up for some good reading, entertainment, frugal finds, and budgeting advice. And incase I've thoroughly convinced you that ClubMom is the bestest place on the web to hang out, Click here to join ClubMom.

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