Broken Resolutions?

By this time of year, many people have usually forgotten all about their New Year's resolutions. They probably stuck with it for the first few weeks of January, but as February crept up they started slacking. Now that March is quickly approaching, it's like "Huh... what resolution?"

I've never really been someone to make New Year's resolutions. The pessimist in me just always knew that there was no way that I could follow through with something for a whole entire year. I thought of it this way... if I didn't make a resolution, then I couldn't break it either. Great way to put it, right?

But last year was different. I was pregnant with Baby Dear, hormones all outta whack, and getting those nesting urges. I decided I needed to make a difference in the world. It didn't even have to be a big difference, just something small that I could do to make the world just a little bit better. I resolved to donate my time and money to volunteer organizations and charities whenever possible.

It was a terrific idea and I really tried to make it work. And it did. In part. When I had come up with this brilliant resolution, I hadn't factored in a newborn baby into the volunteering part. I just didn't have the time, the energy, or the sanity to do it. And there's not much you can do when there's a baby attached to you for most of the day. The part that did work was donating money. Not that we had alot of money to throw around, but I did manage to donate small amounts to several charities including the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, the Disabled American Vets, and the Walk for Autism Research which benefits the National Alliance for Autism Research.

I also did other things to benefit others. I collected Box Tops for Education from foods and various other products that we buy. I have a great big pile of them to donate to a local high school. I am also signed up with Target's credit card program, Take Charge of Education, that donates money to a local school of your choice. Another thing I did was to purchase several Kohl's Cares for Kids items. These are stuffed animals and books, sold at Kohl's of course, and the proceeds go to children's' hospitals.

This year I wanted to do more. Volunteering is still pretty much out of the question, but I am continuing to donate whenever possible . My newest adventure has been to join Beth's Small Change campaign. She is vowing to do one small thing each month to help a kid other than her own. It's really a great thing that she has started and tons of other moms have teamed up with her, but more about that another day.

I also resolved to become more eco-friendly. I have started using CFL light bulbs which use much less energy than standard bulbs. I make sure to turn of any unnecessary lighting. I try to remember to adjust the thermostat when we will be away from home for the day. I am trying my darnedest to use less disposable products, like I mentioned here. I am also hanging many clothes to dry instead of wasting the electricity with the dryer. And I'm trying to find uses or reuses (yes, reuses is a real word) for many things that I might otherwise throw into the garbage.

One great advantage to becoming more eco-friendly, besides the obvious one of saving the planet, is that many of these things can also help you to save money. By using less electricity, you pay less on your bill. By using less stuff, you don't have to spend so much. By reusing items and finding new uses for them, you are also saving yourself money. Look out for my next post where I'll show you some of my latest new uses and reuses.

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Kim said...

Hello -
Ran across your post - Congratulations on sticking with your resolution/goals - I hope you're able to keep it up throughout 2007!
Personally, I'm big on resolutions and use my blog(s) to help with motivation. Stop by sometime - I'm always looking for like-minded folks with whom I can share encouraging words! :)