Picture Perfect

If you are anything like me, you can't take enough pictures of your little ones. I love capturing all Baby Dear's "firsts" on camera. From her first smiles to her first time in the pool to her learning to pull herself up and stand for the first time. It's like I can freeze that moment in time and go back and visit it whenever my heart desires. The days go by so fast and she's growing even faster, slowly becoming a little girl and no longer my little baby. Every once in awhile I look back at her pictures, starting with my first ultrasound. It's absolutely amazing how someone can progress so much in 10 months of life.

I'm always snapping pictures and I never know which one will steal my heart away. It's so nice to have a digital camera for this purpose. It has saved me tons of money. I'm sure you're wondering how a digital camera saves you money. Well with all the pics that I take, I never know which ones will be duds. Like if Baby Dear turns away or decides that she has had enough and starts wailing, I can easily delete those. With a regular camera I'd have loads of wasted film. And loads of wasted money on pics that I don't even like.

My main problem is that I get these great shots of Baby Dear smiling and even posing for the camera and then I don't get them developed for sooo long. When I used to have a regular camera, I'd get the film developed right away. But with this digital, I am good about uploading my pics onto my laptop, but that's where they stay.

Then I decided to try one of the photo processing sites that I had seen an advertisement for. The prices were cheaper than all of the stores around, even when I factored in shipping. Plus, they would be delivered straight to my door. Here is one of the great deals available for online photo processing.
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I've ordered tons of my pics through
Clark Color and they are a really great quality and are shipped super fast. It's so easy to do and only takes a few minutes. What I really love about their processing is that if you want to frame one of your pics, you can order enlargements too. Oh and I also got the wallet sizes which were perfect for our Christmas cards. No excuses for not developing all those cute shots of your little ones now.