Pampers & Luvs & Huggies, oh my!

I thought a discussion on diapers would be a great follow up to yesterday's post where I stated that I wanted to become less wasteful and more environmentally conscious. I would like to clarify that I meant, I would be less wasteful and more environmentally conscious except when it comes to diapers.... and maybe a few other things. But shhh!

Right now Baby Dear goes through about 7 diapers per day. We are using disposable diapers and I do realize the impact that we are leaving on the environment with this choice. But... I did look into using cloth diapers and there was just no way that I could ever use them. I thought the idea of washing them was bad enough, then I read that to properly care for the cloth diapers you had to soak them and such before you even continued washing them. As if being a new mommy wasn't hard enough already? So that was the end of that.

Of course the environmental impact is not the only downside to using diposable diapers. Your wallet certainly feels an impact too. The one thing that I found to be a great resource is a website that someone directed me to. At 1800diapers.com they sell many different brands of diapers cheaper than most stores sell them. They are sold in bigger bulk packages inorder to pass on the savings to you. It's great to stock up on diapers so that you aren't always running out of them and you don't even need to leave home! Oh, and they have free shipping for orders over $45. Not a bad deal there! What can get better than that? How about a coupon code for $2.00 off your first order for new customers only? Here it is: MADA1788 Enter that code during checkout where it says "New Customer Savings." Now you just need to figure out what you will do with your time now that you're not running out getting diapers all the time. How about you take a free 1-year Parenting magazine subscription with every order over $15?

Now to decide which diapers to stock up on... I know everyone has their favorites and not-so-favorites when it comes to diapers. And I also know that these days most diapers are good enough and will not leak... including store brands. Our favorites are Pampers. They have never leaked and they are stretchy in all the right places. We alternate between these, Target's brand, and occasionally Luvs. All work equally well. Luvs even has a no-leak guarantee.

Only brand that we found problems with were the Walgreens store brand diapers. Not because they leaked though. They have a yellow/orange balloon design on them. When the diaper gets wet the balloons are designed to disappear. Well.... one day I was changing Baby Dear and I noticed she had a few yellowish spots on her lower belly. They almost looked like bruises... you know the yellow color they turn when they are healing. I didn't understand how she could have gotten bruised on her belly. Turns out it was the yellow balloon dye rubbing off on her skin. Not pretty. So go stock up on any diapers but these... unless you fancy the spotted look on your precious little one.

FYI, while you are thinking about stocking up, 1800diapers.com also sells formula and wipes pretty cheaply too!

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ProudPappa said...

I went to the diapers website and bought a bunch of diapers. Spent about $60. Thanks for the coupon code and thanks for the tip on the site.