10 Ways to Spend 10 Bucks

1.) Organize your shopping with one of these handy gadgets .

2.) Capture baby's first year, month by month, with one of these adorable frames.

3.) A pregnant woman's favorite... a pin with a point from MyNapPak.com!

4.) Dress your dog in an adorable pair of K-9 pj's found here:

5.) Browse FamilyVideo.com's Top 10 Titles Under $10 and host a movie night with family & friends.

6.) Dress your little angel in these perfectly pink shoes from DarlingShoes.com

7.) Anyone up for a game of Pass the Pigs? Check out an assortment of games from

8.) Childproof your home with this useful Power Strip Safety Cover.

9.) Shop Etsy.com, my new favorite place, for a creatively unique gift.

10.) Lastly, share your love and generosity by making a donation to the children's charity of your choice. Find a great list of them here: